Monday, July 12, 2010

Slowly Moving Forward

These posts have been slow in coming lately. This is mainly because Jason and I are trying to finish up work on our new home, in order to move in before school starts for our two boys. However, just when I think I've hit a brick wall in my motivation, I'll receive an email or comment that keeps me thinking about (and excited for) this work. Many thanks to those who are contributing and encouraging.
In the past month I received Pres. Payne's priceless contribution. Words can not express how valuable his record of the forming of this stake is. Also, Pres. Felker's son has offered his help and sent several quotes and memories to add to the history. I felt priviledged to read both of these contributions and can hardly wait to share them with everyone.
I know we are lacking photos. If anyone has an idea for getting the word out about this, I would welcome the help.