Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Started

All efforts must begin somewhere. This project began with a prompting several years ago. I saw a picture of a choir from our stake that sang at a dedicatory session for the St. Louis, MO Temple. The thought occurred to me that it would be so valuable to collect photos from activities that our stake has participated in. Unfortunately, I did little with that prompting at the time. So when I snapped a picture of the Stake RS Presidency in February, and felt a very similar feeling, I knew the time was now to do something about it. Such photos should be gathered together and organized and (perhaps most importantly) shared.
More recently, I have felt impressed to begin a project that would record the efforts of those who have helped the Lord's work to progress in the Cape Girardeau, MO Stake. This impression was strong enough that I shared the idea with those close to me, just to test the waters. I have received nothing but positive feedback. My mother, Taffy McMullin has agreed to assist me in this project and many others have already spent time helping me compile a rough outline of those who have served in stake presidencies.
Then I mentioned the project to Bro. and Sis. Kramer about a week ago. They agreed to share any information they could and started to list dates and names right then. Everything clicked when Bro. Kramer said, "Well, it was 25 years ago this October that the Cape Stake was organized." I just knew that this was why I had been feeling so prompted to begin this work. The time is NOW, and everytime I sit down to work I feel the same energy and excitement pushing me forward.
Today, I spoke with President Scheon who enthusiatically endorsed the idea and offered his help by giving me a brief list of people to contact. So here we go. Wish us luck and please feel free to comment and leave helpful suggestions!
Sarah Burke

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